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Hollywood, Florida

By "Commodore" Camille Pepe Sperrazza


The chandelier of Margarita glasses at Margaritaville. 

The beautiful pool and beach area at Margaritaville. 


When you gotta go where it's warm, The Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida brings Jimmy Buffett's song from a state of mind to reality. 

Margarita glasses hang from the lobby's ceiling, there's a giant flip flop sculpture with a pop top, and lyrics to his songs adorn the walls. A stay here can't help but bring a change in attitude as no detail is overlooked. The faucets in your room are whale tails. The chairs on the balconies are beach-themed. There are boat drinks, margaritas served in take-home blender glasses, and there are oceans of vibrant artwork everywhere. You won't be livin' on spongecake - not when places like the Shark Fin Bar and Grill, 5 o'clock Somewhere Bar and Grill, and the Margaritaville Cafe tease you with the smell of shrimp beginning to boil. Watch the tourists covered with oil from three pools or the beach. 

There's live music at the Hollywood outdoor theater and at some of the other restaurant/bar venues, too. Get into the spirit by purchasing a Margaritaville T-shirt at the shop. 

Walk along the boardwalk where there are plenty of cheap eats and quaint beach shops. 


Costa Hollywood Beach Resort

Next door to Margaritaville is the Costa Hollywood Beach Resort where a rooftop bar offers magnificent sunset views and tasty bites. 

This resort boasts spacious rooms, ideal for families, as some are equipped with kitchens. Be aware that all beds are king beds so a large room might contain one bedroom and two sofa beds. 

The resort has a chic, uncluttered urban feel. 

For more information or to book a trip, contact "Commodore" Camille today.

This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey!

Copyright: Camille Pepe Sperrazza 

Sunset at the Costa Hollywood Beach Resort.