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Celebrity Silhouette

by Camille Pepe Sperrazza 

Celebrity Cruise Line describes itself in two words: "modern luxury." 

It's an accurate description. The Silhouette is a beauty - ultra modern decor, stunning artwork, and a level of sophistication and service that's intuitive, rather than intrusive. 

When you board, you're not sold a drink - you are provided with a drink, setting the tone for an experience reminiscent of the time when it was understood that cruising was about the journey, not the destination. 

I can't remember the last cruise I was on where high-end chocolates were at your disposal, for the taking. But here, at one of my favorite spots aboard the Silhouette - the Cafe al Bacio - you can enjoy gourmet chocolates, each wrapped in a piece of cellophane, presented and labeled - dark cocoa, almond, honey, and framboise. There are cappuccinos for purchase (but they are included when you have the beverage package), and take it from this Starbucks' fan, these specialty coffee drinks - both hot and cold - are masterpieces that taste as mouth-wateringly delicious as they look. One of the options includes a scoop of chocolate gelato, bathing in espresso, presented in a clear martini glass. Or, enjoy Forte tea, served in a teapot, green leaf peeking from the top of the pot. Sitting here, chatting with fellow passengers about everything and anything, defines the art of cruising. 

When it's 5 pm, head to the Molecular Bar, an experience not to be missed. Drinks are exquisite works of art, created with fresh fruit and herbs by a master mixologist. Many are served, topped with liquid nitrogen so they are presented while smoking, a picture-taking opportunity, during which everyone passing by the bar, wants "one of those." (see photo below). There are so many drinks, both on and off the menu, that are served smoking, each more intriguing than the next, that you'll want to sample them all. I tried many - and am glad I have a 12-day Adriatic sailing on the horizon aboard this same ship - so I can try the rest. My two favorites so far - the Cazarita, a margarita-like drink, topped with guava-chipotle foam, fresh salt-infused herbs wrapped round the rim; and a fresh apple martini, with its sheet of ice for a top coat, after the nitrogen disappears. The more adventuresome may prefer ginger-infused mojitos; fresh watermelon, cut into chunks before your eyes, and muddled with top-shelf spirits; 20-year-old Scotch martinis; and the award-winning "Coming Up Roses," with fresh rose petals. Each drink is a burst of natural flavors, making these concoctions filling and refreshing. 

Another hotspot is the martini bar, with its refrigerator-frosty bar top, that keeps drinks icy cold. For Etch-a-Sketch type fun, join fellow travelers and write messages on the icy bar top. 

For the beer drinkers, Michael's Club serves about 70 beers from around the globe, and has its own beer sommelier. 

There are a number of specialty restaurants, and we were a group of 8, dining at Murano. We had a table the size and style of the type you see in the movies, inside our own private alcove. It was a 3-hour feast, during which entrees like lobster and Dover sole, were prepared table-side. Yes, you could say we did a bit of eating and drinking this cruise. 

Food in the main dining room was also excellent, and the buffet contained everything, including ice cream, where we were free to help ourselves to toppings such as m and m's, m and m's with peanuts, jelly beans, and more - even without the ice cream. 

There's something about cruising - steel band playing Bob Marley tunes telling you not to worry; the ocean stretched out ahead; the massive ship, not even a pinhead on the sea - that puts everything in perspective, providing you with the opportunity to regenerate and renew. I love it. 

For more information or to book a trip, 
contact "Commodore" Camille today. 

This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey! 

Copyright: Camille Pepe Sperrazza 

Photo I took of one of the incredible drinks at the Molecular Bar: