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Norwegian Prima Inaugural

By “7-Continent” Camille Sperrazza 

There’s nothing like a new ship – and I am really impressed with this one.
The Prima is the first Norwegian Cruise Line ship to be built in Italy, and it’s a beauty.
The layout, design, and colors are completely different from Norwegian’s past vessels.
Ultra-modern and minimalistic, the Prima has subdued colors, and there’s more outdoor dining venues, an important post-COVID consideration.  
I was thrilled to be part of the inaugural sailing from New York to Canada for four exciting nights, October 6-10, 2022.
I loved the layout of my BB balcony stateroom. There was actually walking space!  It helps that the closet was located across from the bathroom – not in the usual spot by the bed, a welcome and significant change. I loved everything about the bathroom, too, including the ample-sized, very attractive shower area, with glass doors, and earth-tone color scheme.  (Speaking of bathrooms, the sinks in the public rest rooms have three attachments – the faucet, soap dispenser, and a personal hand dryer. Fancy).
The Donna Summer production was spectacular. After “The Last Dance,” played, the theater turned into a Studio 54 disco, with the audience encouraged to join the party. Meanwhile, a crew arrived to fold seats, press a few buttons, and somehow, a wall was constructed. Magically, it all turned into a “Disco Inferno” where I danced the night away. Another evening it transformed into an 80’s Party, and music videos played on the big screen above the stage, “All Night Long.”
New is the game show, “The Price is Right Live,” where fellow cruisers were invited to “come on down” to win cash and prizes like big screen television sets. The show’s host was quick-witted and hilarious, observant of all the little things unique to this sailing. That’s talent.
Fabulous musicians performed in the Penrose Atrium, keeping the ship rockin’.  
Gone is the large 3-tiered atrium with the open space that leads to the big screen, anchored by the Local Bar & Grill. Instead, the open area between decks 6, 7, and 8 is smaller, connected by an inner white staircase that leads to the Penrose, shops, a whisky bar, and a spacious Starbucks with seating. The latter is no longer tucked away, but a central part of the ship.
The Local Bar & Grill is still on board; now a restaurant and a separate bar area on Deck 6. The Commodore Room and the Hudson Room are the ship’s main dining rooms. Although the menus are the same in both places, I preferred the Hudson where every table faces the large picture windows for magnificent ocean views. Why did no one think to do this sooner?
The Buffet has outdoor seating that is heated, a welcome touch on a cruise to Canada.
The buzz on board was the new Indulgence Hall, a maze of small restaurants where one can be served at counters or in booth seating, by placing orders via iPads. There are Japanese and Mexican options, burgers, soups, salads, and so much more, including Q Texas Barbecue, a specialty restaurant on other ships, now at Indulgence Hall at no additional cost. (Be aware that the menu is not the same). It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick bite so you can get back to the ship’s entertainment ASAP.  
Catch a comedian at the comedy club or stop by Syd Norman’s Pour House for a rock show. I have always been partial to The Cavern Club, but Syd’s is the place on the Prima.
Make your own entertainment by squeezing inside the capsule of The Drop, taking the plunge from Deck 18 to Deck 8. Or perhaps, take the slide, and go “weeeeee” down ten decks.
There’s lots of sports on the top tiers – some at no costs. The RaceTrack, electronic archery, and electronic miniature golf have an upcharge, as does The Gallery Pavilion which offers 3-dimensional experiences and an Escape Room. All are a blast, as is the kiosk that records an interactive video of you waving from the top of the ship.
The show, “Noise Boys” is the other theater production, best described as a hip-hop rap performance.
There are more Haven Suites on this ship than on any of the others. The space is gorgeous, and the Haven infinity pool has a clear panel that faces the back of the ship, so it appears to be part of the ocean.
The forward-swimming fish on the carpet that indicated the direction in which you were walking is gone  – but the Prima still wisely assists. The geometric rugs in the stateroom corridors have colored triangles that point to the front of the ship.

One of my favorite specialty dining restaurants is Onda by Scarpetta. It never disappoints.

Click here to read more about "Commodore" Camille's cruise adventures.

                                                     The beautiful outdoor space.

The gorgeous Hudson Room where every table has a window view.


For more information or to book a trip, contact "Commodore" Camille today. 
This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey! 
Copyright: Camille Pepe Sperrazza 


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11 nights starting at $1,028.95
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from Oceania Cruises
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4 nights starting at $348.39
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7 nights starting at $873.00
+ $115.00 taxes/fees
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available 1/18/2025 - 1/25/2025
Western Caribbean Cruise
5 nights starting at $459.95
from Royal Caribbean International
available 10/27/2025 - 11/1/2025
14-Day Great Alaska Explorer
14 nights starting at $3,019.00
+ $140.00 taxes/fees
from Holland America Line
available 5/4/2025 - 5/18/2025
Bahamas: Great Stirrup Cay, Key West & Nassau from Miami, Florida
5 nights starting at $419.25
from Norwegian Cruise Line
available 11/15/2024 - 11/20/2024
Transatlantic Crossing, Norway and Iceland, 23 Nights
23 nights starting at $4,099.00
+ $256.59 taxes/fees
from Cunard Line
available 7/25/2025 - 8/17/2025
5-Day Pacific Coastal Cruise
5 nights starting at $539.00
+ $75.00 taxes/fees
from Holland America Line
available 9/25/2024 - 9/30/2024
Key West & Bahamas Cruise
7 nights starting at $845.88
from Celebrity Cruises
available 12/7/2025 - 12/14/2025
Pacific Pathways
12 nights starting at $3,699.00
from Oceania Cruises
available 11/2/2025 - 11/14/2025
Caribbean & Central America Cruise
15 nights starting at $8,700.00
from Silversea Cruises
available 5/27/2025 - 6/11/2025
Passage Through New England & Eastern Canada
11 nights starting at $3,844.38
from Globus
available 6/3/2025 - 6/14/2025
12-Day Tropical / Eastern Caribbean Holiday
12 nights starting at $2,059.00
+ $155.00 taxes/fees
from Holland America Line
available 12/18/2024 - 12/30/2024


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