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Enchanted Princess

New England and Canada October 15-22, 2022

by Camille Pepe Sperrazza

10/15 - I have Elite status with Princess, and that’s because I have long been “enchanted” by the line. Today I sail the Enchanted Princess, a “nearly” new ship I was supposed to cruise, Fall 2020. We know how those plans turned out. It is great to finally be aboard, sailing from my home, Brooklyn, NY where the ocean is a beautiful shade of blue today, and I can see the Statue of Liberty from the balcony of my stateroom.

It is always a good idea to tour the spa on the first day of any cruise because there is often a raffle. My friend wins a thermal spa pass for the week, $199 value.

At the sail-away party, we learn that the ship’s captain is a “Commodore”. That means he oversees many captains. We are in expert hands.

After dinner, it’s an excellent comedy show, and then the piano bar.

10/16 - Newport, Rhode Island - The weather is picture-perfect. We tender to shore, and steps from the pier, on this sunny Sunday, there is a Seafood Festival with live music, where I enjoy a cup of delicious clam chowder. There are also quaint shops, many with adorable nautical-themed merchandise. I am drawn to anything with an anchor so I couldn’t resist buying an anchor bracelet. If you’ve already visited the mansions of Newport - and I have - walking around town is a great way to spend the day.

I glimpse the changing colors of the leaves - brown, red, and yellows tones - one of the attractions of cruising to New England this time of year.

Aboard the ship, I participate in one of the game shows which is lots of fun.

10/17 - Boston is a great city I have visited many times so I skip the popular hotspots such as Quincy Market, the Freedom Trail, and Cheers Bar to see the new Encore Hotel on the Boston Waterfront. It looks just like the one in Vegas. After making a generous casino donation, the sales manager provides a tour of the spacious rooms. Then I taxi to the luxurious Newbury Hotel for a site inspection and enjoy lunch at The Street Bar. One of the nice amenities of staying at this hotel is that even the lead category guests have access to the Library Room where one can enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages.

Although the weather was gorgeous yesterday, it rains most of today, and once I am back on board, a friend I planned to meet at Port of Saint John in two days texts me to say the ship will most likely be unable to stop there. High winds are anticipated. About an hour later, the ship’s Commodore announces we are skipping Maine tomorrow and Port of Saint John the next day due to high winds that will create unsafe conditions. We are going to attempt to make it to Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Canada which is much further north. The ride may get a little rocky, but I have sailed many storms and am not the least concerned…And we have a commodore at the helm!

10/18 - A day at sea means having the time to linger over a cup of cappuccino. There is nowhere to go and no place to be so there’s no need to rush. That’s the beauty of traditional cruising, the type of experience Princess provides. There are activities on board, including the second performance of the comedian and an Elton John tribute show. The comedian is hilarious; one of the best I have seen aboard a ship. Later, I have fun dancing at the late-night disco party.

10/19 - It’s a rainy day in Sydney, Cape Breton, but the ship is able to dock. The distinctive huge fiddle is at the pier, as this area is known for fiddle-playing. On a previous visit, I toured the educational Alexander Graham Bell Museum, enjoyed a concert comprised of fiddlers, and saw part of the Cabot Trail, a colorful path that highlights the beauty of the area. Today I walk around the local area where pop-up shops have opened to greet our unexpected, but welcome, arrival. Seven-day cruises do not normally make it this far north, so this a new port for many passengers, and they are happy about that.

Before sailing away, the Commodore says he is going to quote the immortal Bette Davis, “Hang on boys; it’s going to be a rough ride.” Bring it on.

Tonight I attend the Senior Officer Party, an invitation-only event for Elite guests. Dinner is delicious lobster tails, and tonight’s singer at the theater is talented and energetic. It’s an excellent show. Post-pandemic I dance all night. It was a long cruise shutdown, and there’s a lot of time to make up.

10/20 - We dock in Halifax, a popular cruise stop. Tourists enjoy visiting Peggy’s Cove and the Titanic Cemetery, which I have seen multiple times, so I spend the morning strolling the Boardwalk along the waterfront. This is a relaxing, close-to-home cruise for me.

The ocean is calm, and I didn’t find last night’s ride to be rough at all.

10/21 - We are en route back to Brooklyn, so have the entire day to enjoy at sea. The entertainment includes a bartender show, followed by an acrobat show in the beautiful atrium. After, I attend the traditional wine-tasting event for Elite guests. In the evening, there’s a rock opera in the theater, but I opt to catch a movie in one of the lounges, a luxury I haven’t had time to do at home in quite a while. There’s more game shows, and then the piano bar.

10/22. - It’s another gorgeous day in Brooklyn, as we return home.


For more information or to book a trip, contact "Commodore" Camille today.

This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey!


 copyright: Camille Pepe Sperrazza


The Enchanted Princess makes an unexpected stop in Sydney, Cape Breton. 


The beautiful view as we sale beneath the Verrazano.