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Norwegian Bliss Inaugural

By "Commodore" Camille Pepe Sperrazza 

Oh what a night!

I saw the show, "Jersey Boys" - while seated across the aisle from Frankie Valli!

The experience was pure bliss - and it happened aboard the Norwegian Bliss, the cruise line's newest ship that sailed into New York, May 4-6, 2017, to celebrate a 2-night inaugural. 

This was the best show I have seen aboard a ship in more than 100 cruises, and Valli seemed the think it was pretty good too, as he was spotted clapping and giving a thumbs up. More telling is that the audience gave a standing ovation, and I didn't see one person nod off or leave the theater.

Music seemed to be the ship's unofficial theme as disc jockey Elvis Duran of the Z100 Morning Zoo is the ship's godfather. I saw him "Standing There," at Cagney's steakhouse the first night, and he gladly gave me a hug and posed for a photo. 

The BeatleMania band rocked the ship - it was standing room only at each performance, and when it was over, the audience was left "Beggin'" for more. Latin music was prominent with the show, "Havana," while the country cousins were cared for with a nighttime Nashville dance party on the pool deck and entertainment at Q Texas Smokehouse. The latter is a specialty restaurant I experienced where the fall-of-the-bone ribs were fabulous. One could also waste away in Margaritaville or enjoy a cheeseburger in paradise because Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is another eatery on board. 

One of the biggest complaints about cruising is lack of good entertainment, but for Norwegian, that ship sailed years ago, creating a "Revolution" in the industry. All of the line's newer ships contain so many nightly options, it can be difficult deciding what to do. On the Bliss, there was late night comedy at The Social Club. Another evening I caught the raunchy, interactive show, "Prohibition," where the audience was served five different drinks one might enjoy at a speakeasy in 1919. These cocktails were surprisingly good, each beautifully presented in complementing glassware, some of which were available for purchase after the performance. Recipes were provided. 

There was always something happening in the atrium - music, game shows, or pleasant pictures on the mega-sized screen. And like aboard its sister ships, one can enjoy the atrium's offerings while snacking at the pub-style venue that overlooks it from above. On the Bliss, that venue is called The Local Bar and Grill, a great place to "Help" yourself to a 2 am chicken wing run because it is open 24 hours. 

For those "lookin' for adventure," Deck 18 offers a racetrack that's no typical amusement park bumper car ride. It's a wide track where one can drive at decent speeds, no bumping allowed. A helmet is required, as are shoes - no sandals permitted. Leave all bags, including pocketbooks, in staterooms or you'll be asked to leave the line. Deck 20 has a laser tag attraction that I only saw from the outside because there's only so much one can get to in two days. 

The ship is a beauty. The dazzling, crystal color-changing light fixture that dangles over a few decks makes a great photo backdrop, while throughout the ship, unique works of art contribute to one's enjoyment of the overall experience. My eyes adored her. 

The Bliss will sail from Seattle to Alaska the summer of 2018. New Yorkers get her back in the Fall of 2019 for some limited sailings, so contact us now to secure your cabin. 

I watched "Jersey Boys," just a few rows away from Frankie Valli himself.

For more information or to book a trip, contact "Commodore" Camille today. 

This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey! 

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