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Two days in Lake Como


by Camille Pepe Sperrazza

  Beautiful Lake Como as seen from the Mandarin Oriental.


April 27th -


A car picks us up in Milan to take us to Lake Como, approximately a one-hour ride.


We hit the ground running, seeing the quaint town of Bellagio which is breathtaking, with its mountains and lake views. We dine at La Punta, where the pasta with pesto sauce is recommended because the basil is just picked, and the catch of the day is a fish, plucked from the Lake Como itself.


The town has small cafes and shops with unique items, including many colorful pocketbook with painted designs. Although they temp, I have already purchased three this trip.


We take a 2-hour public ferry ride along the lake, captivated by the spectacular scenery. Our destination is the town of Como, larger than Bellagio, and with a busier vibe. More shops and restaurants.


It is after 11 pm before we return to our spectacular hotel, the Mandarin Oriental on Lake Como. I have stayed at hotels with views of the parking lot, and I have also stayed at many magnificent hotels, the latter, of course, in more recent years. This Mandarin Hotel in Lake Como is - without question - one of the most spectacular hotels at which I have ever stayed. The views are mesmerizing. Elegance and hospitality greet us at the door, and walk with us every step of the way. The staff know our names. The welcome is warm and sincere. We are upgraded to one of the top suites, and it is so spacious, the bathroom alone is larger than some NYC apartments.


April 28th - There is nowhere else I want to go, and no place else I have to see. This resort is where I spend the day. Sitting outdoors, with a beverage in hand, soaking up the majestic views, is heaven on earth.


This article was accurate when it was written, but everything in life changes. Enjoy the journey! 


Copyright: Camille Pepe Sperrazza